Self-Care: Making Daily Life More Comfortable

When you live with a debilitating spinal condition, every moment matters That’s because every moment represents a struggle between slight discomfort and outright misery. When this fine line is present in your life, you need to be extra proactive about caring for your spine in the minutest of ways. From maintaining a regular routine of…

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Sleep is an essential component of wellness

Because we are aware of this fact, nothing is more frustrating than laying in bed waiting… waiting to fall asleep and knowing that it’s not going to happen. You may have the laptop propped somehow, playing your favorite show; you may be lazily scrolling through your phone, barely processing the last dregs of your news…

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The value of cardio from a chiropractic perspective

The main value of cardio from a chiropractor’s perspective is weight control. Every pound of body weight is adding an additional burden to your spine, which is already battling myriad other factors in its quest to maintain its health and longevity. By maintaining a healthy weight, your vertebrae are able to support the weight of your upper…

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