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Video Testimonials:

Pearl and Sciatica

I can't believe it. I came in with sciatica and seems to be gone!"

~ Pearl

Dolores's High Recommendation
Victor's Knee Pain Relief
Dr. Doyle interviews Ann

Written Testimonials:


I’ve been seeing Dr. Doyle for about a month now and have noticed a great deal of improvement. I sought chiropractic because of a bad right hip, and my lumbar #5 is out of whack. I was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness, and it was affecting my everyday life, especially walking. treatment is…


I have been a patient of Dr. Doyle’s for 7 years, and I am convinced that my regular visits with her have prevented me from sickness. I appreciate Dr. Doyle’s genuine concern for my health and the fact that I can ask her about any health concern, and she always has a suggestion that may…


I have been coming here for over 14years..She is a wonderful Dr. I have sent in many family members to see Dr. Doyle she is always willing to help. If I miss my appointment I notice right away a difference that is why I always do my best to get in every month..before seeing Dr.…


I had tinnitus for a year and woke up one morning with vertigo. An extreme case which made it impossible for me to keep my balance, nausea accompanies vertigo. So it was impossible to do anything. I called my Nutritionist and she said find a chiropractor immediately. She told me to ask for a specific…

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