I had tinnitus for a year and woke up one morning with vertigo. An extreme case which made it impossible for me to keep my balance, nausea accompanies vertigo. So it was impossible to do anything. I called my Nutritionist and she said find a chiropractor immediately. She told me to ask for a specific adjustment and Dr. Mary Doyle was the only one who knew how to do it or knew what it was. The same day I saw Dr. Doyle I was up and walking again. I took it easy all day and was able to be myself again the next day. Since seeing Dr. Doyle I breath better feel better more energy and sleep better. No one had a cure for vertigo or tinnitus a few pills here and there but nothing worked. I only have been seeing Dr. Doyle for a few months. But the results I have had made me bring my daughter in so she can feel her best too. I wouldn’t bring her here if I did not know that she was in the best capable hands.

– Mary

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